…aaaaaaand we’re off

Welcome! Great to have you here. 

My name is Lisa. I am three parts silly and three parts serious, and I feel like this site will end up reflecting that, although you never know. I’m just going to see where the experience takes me (most zen like, for sure).

As person number 453,922 to start a blog site, I’m confident all of my material will be fresh and engaging. OK, seriously, the plan is to have a little bit of everything here, but content will vary. 

My daughter Amelia and I are two peas in a pod, as Grandma would say, so she’ll pop up here a lot. That said, the main reason I wanted to start up this site is because I’ve been feeling a little like I’m disappearing. I’ve spent a lifetime being somebody’s something instead of just being me, and this is a chance to put myself out there, so to speak, and have a voice. 

I’ll try to post something new every week or so. I’m hoping there’s something here that you find interesting, but if not, I’m still happy you stopped by. If you have any questions or ideas, let me know.

Until next time.

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