Party Time!

Today’s post is devoted to Amelia, my awesome daughter, whose ninth birthday is this Friday. While there is nothing I could write that would truly capture Amelia’s wonderful qualities, I will do my best. Anyhow, acrostic poems are fun.

Acting, singing, and dancing come naturally to Amelia, and no day goes by without her doing at least one of them.

Math excites her, and she’s always looking for situations where she can solve a problem using it.

Energetic is an understatement, especially if someone mentions bunnies.

Learning is one of her favorite things to do, which truly makes homeschool fun.

Inspiration may strike at any moment, and she’ll wander off to find tape, paper, scissors, more tape, markers, crayons, and even more tape to make one of her creative ideas come to life.

Altruism knows no better champion, with her capacity to help others matched only by her sweetness when doing so.

At the end of the day, no six sentences can define anyone, but hopefully I’ve conveyed some sense of Amelia’s essence. I may be a little biased, but I’m telling you, folks—I am one incredibly lucky mommy.

Happy birthday, sweetie!

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