Apparently, Some Lessons Stick

Christmas Eve of 2014, my mother-in-law, Mary, drove up from central Illinois to celebrate with my husband, daughter, and me. She brought along her daughter, Lida, and the daughter’s new husband, Brent. We did the big meal thing, chatted over mostly coffee—I don’t drink coffee and my daughter, Amelia, was two years old—then settled into … Continue reading Apparently, Some Lessons Stick

The World’s Tiniest Alpaca That is Maybe a Llama

My husband, Walt, and I struggle with anniversary gift giving. Early on, we tried the anniversary gifts by year guides, but they didn’t help. We didn’t want what we were supposed to get, we already had what the list suggested, or we contorted ourselves so much to match the list that the whole affair was … Continue reading The World’s Tiniest Alpaca That is Maybe a Llama