The World’s Tiniest Alpaca That is Maybe a Llama

My husband, Walt, and I struggle with anniversary gift giving. Early on, we tried the anniversary gifts by year guides, but they didn’t help. We didn’t want what we were supposed to get, we already had what the list suggested, or we contorted ourselves so much to match the list that the whole affair was … Continue reading The World’s Tiniest Alpaca That is Maybe a Llama

Walking and making cake at the same time

I made a cake this past Memorial Day. I had planned to make either jelly-filled cupcakes or a mostly-from-scratch two-layer cake with strawberry and whipped cream filling. With my rheumatoid arthritis (RA) flaring, I made a last-minute decision to make something involving a little less time standing. I started with a blue velvet box mix, … Continue reading Walking and making cake at the same time

Hector tl; dr

My eight-year-old daughter, Amelia, made a video yesterday for Amelialand, her YouTube channel. It cut through the severe introspection I threw down (or threw up, depending in your viewpoint) last week with “Moving On” following my ridiculously long-surviving plant Hector’s demise. I don’t usually reference direct links to her videos on here, but I thought … Continue reading Hector tl; dr

Moving On

After a surprisingly long 26-year life, Hector is gone. Although his health was declining the last few years, I was so used to him being around, I took it for granted he’d always be there. Unfortunately, he fell into a slump over the winter and couldn’t bounce back, no matter what we did to help … Continue reading Moving On